Our Services

Our Services

FREE consultation 15-minute phone call to explore therapeutic options and establish
suitability for counselling.

Wellbeing check-in

£ 50
(30 minute phone call)

Former clients can check in at the therapist’s discretion. (This is not a replacement for therapy, for safeguarding purposes if you are suicidal or experiencing CPTSD, this service is

Couples Counselling Assessment

£ 460
Four sessions

Many couples seek therapy prior to marriage, to improve their communication style or help make a separation amicable.

The (Gottman Method) assessment takes place over four sessions:

  • 80-90 minutes couple meeting
  • 45 minutes individual meetings for each partner
  • 80-90 minutes couple meeting

Couples counselling

£ 110
(50 minutes couple counselling)

Learn how to recover after an affair, address controlling behaviour, ‘fight fair’ and have a loving partnership. Couples therapy is a great vehicle for personal growth and improvement in ones relationship. Conflict can especially, cause a CSA survivor to ‘check out’ emotionally. Without intervention this erodes the partnership which, can lead to separation.

Ongoing appointments: 50 minutes.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling

£ 85
(50 minutes online or over the phone)

Short term Counselling Specific to current problem or issue such as anxiety, toxic relationships, work life balance, stress, dealing with hostile environments (12-18 weeks).

Open ended Psychotherapeutic Counselling In depth exploration of a current issue or resurfacing of a previous problem e.g. Emotional overwhelm, depression, relationship breakdown, low self-esteem

Self-Esteem for success Program

£ 17.95
(50 minutes online or over the phone)

Self-esteem is an inside job. Learn how to love yourself, develop an authentic and healthy level of self-respect and conquer your career goals. You get access to meditation, downloadable work-book and physical exercises to boost your confidence and productivity.

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