My friends mum was my abuser! How even another mother can be a danger to children.

Althea’s dreams for her life were crushed by the nightmare of cybersex trafficking. We all have hopes and dreams for the future, whether it’s going to college, forging a meaningful career, or creating a better life for our children.

Althea wanted those same things. But as a young teenager, her dreams for a hope-filled future were crushed by cybersex trafficking. The nightmare began one completely normal day after high school when Althea went to her good friend’s house to do homework. Althea loved being invited to her friend’s home. It was a big house, warm, and inviting. There was good food to eat and her friend’s mom always took an interest in Althea and told her how lovely and beautiful she was.


To find out her Althea is working to overcome her trauma visit:

1 in 6 children are sexually abused.

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